Makers Mark $11      
45%abv Handmade Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Jeffersons $11      
45%abv Blend of Kentucky’s best Bourbons

Bulleit $11      
45%ABV Filtered through Kentucky Limestone Louisville, KY

Knob Creek $11      
50%abv Aged 9yrs Clermont, Ky

Woodford $12      
45.2%abv Aged 7yrs Versailles, Ky

Woodford Double Oak $14      
48% ABV Aged 7 yrs in American Oak 3yrs in French Oak

Whipper Snapper $12      
42%abv Oregon spirit whiskey

2nd Chance wheat whiskey $12      
49%abv Double alembic Pot Distilled in Sonoma , CA

West of Kentucky $10      
47.8%abv Double Alembic Pot Distilled in Sonoma, CA

Elijah Craig $12      
47%abv small back Kentucky bourbon

Angel’s Envy $11      
43%abv Finished in Port wine barrels

Town Branch $11      
40%abv Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Basil Hayden’s $13      
40%abv Kentucky Staight bourbon

Blantons $13      
46.5%abv Aged 12-14 Frankfort, Ky

Old Forester $11      
43%abv 95 points at the 2015 Ultimate Spirts Challenge

Old Forester 100 proof $12      
50%abv Aged 4-5 years

Wathens $12      
47%abv Distilled in Kentucky Bottled in California

Buffalo Trace $12      
45%abv Frankfort, KY

Michter’s American whiskey $11      
41.7%abv small batch Louisville, Ky


Michter’s $11      
42% abv single barrel straight

Rittenhouse $12      
50%abv Bottle in Bond at Heaven Hill distillery

Old Overholt $11      
40%abv straight rye whiskey, KY

Catoctin Roundstone $12      
40%abv 100%rye small batch

Sonoma Rye $11      
48% abv 100%rye small batch , CA

Jim Beam 1795 $13      
45%abv Pre-prohibition style Kentucky Straight Rye

Bulleit $11      
45%abv 95% rye mash Lawrenceburg, IN

Whistle Pig $13      
50%abv Hand bottled aged 10yr Vermont

Woodford Rye $12      
45.2% abv Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

Templeton $12      
40%abv Prohibition Era Rye Distilled in Indiana bottled in Iowa


Cooperstown White Whiskey $11      
45%abv cooperstown, NY

Coopers Classic $11      
45%abv American whiskey Cooperstown, NY

Jack Daniels old no.7 $10      
40%abv Lynchberg, TN

Gentleman’s Jack $13      
40%abv Double Charcoal mellowed

George Dickel no.12 $11      
45%abv Tullahoma, TN


Cutty Sark $10      
40%abv Blended Scotch

Johnnie Walker Black $13      
40%abv 12yr blended Scotch

Laphroig 10 yr $13       
43%abv Single Malt Islay

Bruichladdich (classic) $12      
50%abv Single Malt Islay

Bruichladdich (Islay Barley) $14      
50%abv unpeated single Malt

Macallan 12yr $12       
43%abv Speyside Single malt

Macallan 18yr $17      
43%abv Aged in bourbon and Sherry cask

Glenfiddich 12 yrs $12      
40%abv Single Malt aged 12 years

Glenfiddich 15 yrs $14      
40%abv Single Malt Aged 15 years

Les Moissons $ 15      
42%abv French single Malt

Oban 14 yrs $14      
43%abv Single Malt highland

Dewars 12yr $13      
40%abv 12yr blended

Dalmore 12yr $14      
40% abv, Single malt with coffee and chocolate notes

Dalmore 15yr $16      
40%abv, Single malt with coffee and chocolate notes

Balvenie 14 yrs (Caribbean Cask) $15       
43% Aged in Caribben Rum Barrels

Chivas 18 years $18      
40%abv Single Malt Highland

Hibiki Harmony $18      
43%abv single Malt Japanese Whisky

Nikka whisky 12yr $18      
40%abv Pure Malt Japanese whisky


Jameson $9      
40%abv Blended Middleton distillery Ireland

Tullamore dew $9      
40%abv blend of pot still, single malt, and single grain

Tullamore dew 12yr $13      
40%abv Blended Irish Whiskey Aged in 4 types of cask

The Irishman Founder’s Reserve $14      
40%abv 70% single malt and 30% pot still Blend

Redbreast 12yr $18       
40%abv single pot still


Buen Bicho $11      
40%abv hecho en, Mexico

Illegal joven $12      
40%abv Oaxaca small batch

Montelobos Joven $12      
43.2%abv Oaxaca, Mexico

Vago espadin $12      
51%abv Oaxaca, Mexico

Vago Ensamble en Barro $ 14      
52%abv Oaxaca, mexico

Espiritu Lauro Joven $14      
40%abv 70%espadine 30% Karwinski

Espiritu Lauro Reposado $16      
40%abv Aged 3-4 months in Jack daniels Barrels

Espiritu Lauro Anejo $18      
40%abv Aged 14months in American white oak Barrels


Espolon Silver $10      
40%abv 100% pure Agave Los Altos Mexico

Espolon Extra Anejo $16      
41%abv aged 6years in white oak barrels (perfection)

Milagro silver $10      
40%abv 100% pure Agave Los Altos

Camarena $13       
40%abv 100% pure Agave AZUL Hencho En Mexico

Camarena Reposado $14      
40%abv 2 months rested

Cazadores Blanco $11      
40%abv 100% pure agave Los Altos Mexico

Tequila Ocho $12      
40%abv 100% pure agave Mexico

Dulce Vida Blanco $11      
50%abv small batch Hencho en Mexico

Dulce Vida Reposado $12      
50%abv 12 months rested

Dulce Vida Anejo $13      
50%abv 2yr aged

Organic 1 $11      
40%abv HEcho en Mexico 100%Pure Agave

Organic 2 $12      
40%abv rested 6 Months in white oak

Organic 3 $13      
40%abv aged 18 months in white oak

3 Generaciones Blanco $12      
40%abv Hencho En Mexico

3 Generaciones Repasado $13      
40%abv Hencho En Mexico

3 Generaciones Anejo $15      
40%abv Aged 4-5 years Hencho En Mexico

Milagro anejo select barrel $22      
40%abv Aged 5-7 years in French Oak barrels Los Altos Mexico


Plantation 3 star $10      
41.2%abv blended from the best of the Caribbean

Plantation Pineapple $11      
40%abv original Dark, Trinidad

Plantation 5yr $10      
40%abv Double Aged signature blend, Barbados

Plantation overproof $13      
73%abv original Dark Trinidad & Tobago

Cruzan Black Strap $11      
40%abv Dark Molasses St. Croix

Rhum J.M Gold $11      
50%abv French style made in Martinique

Hamilton 151 $14      
75.5%abv distilled and aged banks of Demerara River

Smith & Cross $14      
57%avb pure pot still Navy Strength

Santa Teresa Claro $10      
40%abv Venezuela

Santa Teresa Anejo $11      
40%abv Venezuela

Santa Teresa 1796 $13      
40%abv Solaro. Venezuela

Panama-Pacific $14      
47.3%abv aged in American oak

Mount Gay Eclipse $12      
40%abv blended pot still rum

Mont Gay Black Barrel $13      
43%abv blended matured pot still aged in bourbon oak


Pierre Ferrand $12      
40%abv 10yr aged from Grand Champagne, France

Paul Beau VSOP $13      
40%abv 15yr aged from Grand Champagne, France

Remy Martin 1738 $14      
40% Blend from 4 to 20 years France

Courvoisier $13      
40%abv Blended Aged 10yrs


Haymen’s $10      
47%abv 10 botanicals 100% grain

beefeater $12      
40%abv the authentic victorian

Brooklyn Gin $11       
40%abv distilled from grain with notes of citrus

Cooperstown Fenimore $11      
40%abv small batch with essence of Lylac

Tanqueray $12      
47.3%abv London dry

Tanqueray no. 10 $13      
44%abv Cucumber and Bulgarian Rose Scoctland

Ford’s $11       
45%abv Botanicals from 10 countries London, England

The Botanist $11      
46%abv Scottich Islay Gin

Bombay Sapphire $12      
47%abv 10 botanicals London, England

Hendricks $13      
44%abv Cucumber and Bulgarian Rose Scoctland

Bar Hill Gin $11      
45%abv Hints of Juniper and Honey


Sobieski $9      
40% ABV poland

Bootlegger $10      
40% Abv Gluten- Free 100% corn Vodka Texas

Stolichnaya $10      
40%abv Russian

Ketel one $11      
40%abv Holland

Tito’s Vodka $10      
40%abv Made in Austin Texas

Belvedere $12      
40%abv Poland