Mr. Toads
Green or Black Olives $6
Castelvetrano - Green olives. Meaty and Buttery, with a Light Brininess and Sweetness to Balance.
Thassos- Black Olives. Pickled, Sun Dried, and then Salt Cured. This Creates a Raisinated Look and Savory Taste with Umami Flavor.
Want both? Just Ask!

Miller Farm Roasted Almonds $5

Homemade Pickles $5
Kohlrabi, Cauliflower, Carrots, Chioggia Beets, & Jalapenos      

Little Egg, Big Egg $7
Deviled Eggs, Topped with Caviar      


Fall Salad $12
Baby Kale, Pear, Squash, Marinated Dried Cherries, Candied Pecans, Apple Cider Mustard Vinaigrette

Wolf & Deer Grilled Cheese $10
Three Cheeses on Multigrain Toast with Truffle Oil

Three Little Pigs Panini $10
Salami, Prosciutto, Mild Cheddar, Lettuce and Blow Hour House Down Aioli

Mac n’ Cheese $10
Elbow Macaroni, Three Mouth Watering Cheeses, and Truffle Oil
Add Jalapeno for $2
Add Prosciutto For $2

Oysters on the Half Shell $14/$24
Mignonette, Lemon Wedges, Spicy Cocktail Sauce

Oysters Rockefeller $14/$24
Spicy Butter, Sourdough Toast

1 FOR $7, 3 FOR $18, 5 FOR $25

Pasteurized goat’s milk and Jersey cow’s cream
Thurman, New York
Sexy, addictive, triple creme

Rooie Sikkie
PRaw Goat’s Milk
Beemster Region, Netherlands
Aged for 1 year Nutty and Fruity with a Caramel and Buttery Finish
Provacatively rich

Stompetoren Grand Cru
Raw Cow’s Milk
Beemster Netherlands
Aged Gouda, Complex Nuttiness, Caramelly and Crystyline Crunch

Briar Summit
Pasteurized Goat, Sheep, and Cows Milk
Warrensburg, NY
an intriguing bled with Raspberry Leaf Tea Infused Cream, Rich and Creamy with Vegetal and Fruity Notes

Dancing Fern
Raw Cow’s Milk, Tennessee.
This award winning cheese is oozy and spreadable with a touch of bitterness
in the rind. Slightly mushroomy but also bright with hints of citrus

Raw Goat Cheese, Indiana
Creamy, buttery, nutty, tangy, mushroom, with a herbal rind

Pasteurized goat’s milk
Greensboro, Indiana
Salty and creamy on the outside with a fluffy and sweet citrusy center

Bianco Sardo
Pasteurized sheep’s milk
Sardinia, Italy
Hearty and flavorful with nutty and grassy notes with the right amount of salt.

Cambert Tre Latte
Pasteurized Triple Milk, Piedmont, Italy
Rich, Fluffy, Gooey and Decadent Flavors. Floral and Buttery with a Slight Tang.

Raw Sheep Milk
Roquefort, France
By far our most powerful blue, Decadent and rich
deep and smokey, hints of apples and pears

1 FOR $7, 3 FOR $15, 5 FOR $24

Wild Boar Cacciatorini
New Jersey
rich creamy, red wine and garlic

Saucisson Sec Basquese
New York
Hearty Dose of Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Red Wine and Garlic

Salami Etna
Course Ground Pork Salami Seasoned with Sea Salt, Lemon, and Pistachios

Salami Gentile
A Recipe that Dates Back to the 18th Century. Pronounced Funky and Fermented Flavor
Originating from its Unique Casing, Black Pepper and Garlic with a Touch of Wine

Proscuitto Americano
Deliciously buttery and nutty

Applewood Smoked Duck Breast
Hudson Valley Duck Farm, New York
Buttery, sweet smokiness

Beef Wagyu
from the best beef in the world, juicy and flavorful
We lust for this beef! Desserts      


Assorted Chocolates $6
Green tea, Raspberry, Espresso, Salted