Happy Hour
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Mr. Toads
Green or Black Olives $6
Castelvetrano - Green olives. Meaty and buttery, with a light brininess and sweetness to balance.
Thassos- black olives. Pickled sun driedand then salt cured. This creates a raisinated look and salty taste with umami flavor.
Want both? Just Ask!

Miller Farm Roasted Almonds $5

Brooklyn Brine Spicy Pickles $5

Little Egg, Big Egg $7
Deviled eggs, topped w/ caviar      

Walrus & the Carpenters $9
Fried Oysters served with spicy mayo and lemon       

Sweeny Todd’s Egg Rolls $7
Philly Cheesesteak with Horse Radish aioli
Jalapeno Poppers       

Spicy Feta Dip $8
With olive oil and Sumac, served with zaatar pita chips      


Assorted Chocolates $6
Green tea, Raspberry, Espresso, Salted      

Espresso $3      


Wolf & Deer Grilled Cheese $10
3 cheeses on multigrain toast with truffle oil

Three Little Pigs Saying Cheese Panini $10
Salami, Prosciutto, Mild Cheddar, Lettuce and Blow your house down Mayo

You can’t catch me, Mac n’ Cheese $10
Elbow Macaroni, three mouth -watering cheeses, and truffle oil
Add Jalapeno for $2
Add Prosciutto For $2

Little Red Riding Hood Bruschetta $8
Prosciutto, ricotta, and arugula
Shrimp, Tarragon, arugula, and mascarpone cheese

1 FOR $7, 3 FOR $15, 5 FOR $24

Pasteurized goat’s milk and Jersey cow’s cream
Thurman, New York
Sexy, addictive, triple creme

Raw Cow’s Milk
Colchester Connecticut
Refreshing Lemony Tang, oozing creamline of roasted vegetable richness
Funky crumbly and decadent

Rooie Sikkie
PRaw Goat’s Milk
Beemster Region, Netherlands
Aged for 1 year nutty and frutty with a caramel and buttery finish
Provacatively rich

Stompetoren Grand Cru
Raw cow’s milk
Beemster Netherlands
Aged Gouda, Complex nutty, caramelly and crystyline crunch

Brie du Chevre
Pasteurized Goat milk
LaBoissiere-Ecole, France
Rich and buttery, grassy rind and creamy paste

Harbison Jasper Hill
Pasteurized Cow milk
Sweet and Herbal with notes of Mustard
a very Brie like quality

FC Cheddar
raw cow’s milk
Milford, New Jersey
Cave aged over 12 months, with patina

Pasteurized goat’s milk
Greensboro, Indiana
Salty and creamy on the outside with a fluffy and sweet citrusy center

Bianco Sardo
Pasteurized sheep’s milk
Sardinia, Italy
Hearty and flavorful with nutty and grassy notes with the right amount of salt.

Raw Sheep’s milk
Soulzon, France
Rich and buttery, slightly gamey, but gooey
Pairs nicely with sparkly or rose

Experience pawlet
Pasturized Cow Milk
Creamy texture and brite bite, tangy, herbal and funky

Pasteurized Triple Milk
Tuscany, Italy
Rich, fluffy and decadent flavors that pairs very well with the Dolcetto or a sparkling

Raw Sheep Milk
Roquefort, France
By far our most powerful blue, Decadent and rich
deep and smokey, hints of apples and pears

1 FOR $7, 3 FOR $15, 5 FOR $24

Wild Boar Cacciatorini
New Jersey
rich creamy, red wine and garlic

Mangalista Hot Coppa
New Jersey
Spicy devil cured with salt and chili

Creminelli Milano Salami
Rich and meaty with slight hints of garlic and black pepper

Salami Piccante
New York
Firm and rich with a sultry spice that compliments its fatty texture (house favorite)

Proscuitto Americano
Deliciously buttery and nutty

Chorizo Picante
Classic, dry cured with a spicy bite

Applewood Smoked Duck Breast
Hudson Valley Duck Farm, New York
Buttery, sweet smokiness

Beef Wagyu
from the best beef in the world, juicy and flavorful
We lust for this beef! Desserts      

Assorted Chocolates $6
Green tea, Raspberry, Espresso, Salted      

Espresso $3